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Cheap Patio Dining Sets

You can buy good patio dining sets that will last for many years. Iron, wood and aluminum can always be re-sprayed or painted after a few years, and the addition of new cushions can give them a fresh new look. Cheap patio dining sets are good if you don’t stay in one place too long and don’t want to take it with you when you leave.  All patio dining sets tend to be cumbersome and bulky, very few fold up for easy storage or removal and many have the thinnest glass tops that shatter easily. If you have looked into replacing a large, round piece of glass on a patio table that has broken – it’s usually more expensive than the cost of a new table!

 If you have small children and only have a choice of cheap patio dining sets because of financial restraints, have a good look at how they are constructed before you buy.  The ones made of PVC piping are durable until you get to the sling seats, which are often made from an inferior grade of plastic mesh, that won’t stand up to Uncle Fred’s 300lb bulk too often, or the neighborhood kids jumping up and down on them.  Add a cheap glass topped table and a dozen birthday party kids on a sugar high and you may be looking at a disaster. 

 Many cheap patio dining sets will accommodate an umbrella – there will be a hole in the center of the glass.  But their construction is so light and flimsy that a strong wind will lift the umbrella when you’re not watching and break the glass, ruining a fun afternoon family barbecue.  If you live on the coast, or anywhere prone to high winds, it will be essential to remove the umbrella, cover up and stack a cheap patio set in case it all blows away. 

 Cushions on cheap patio sets look gorgeous when you buy them, often in bright tropical designs.  Unfortunately, the fabric used on the cushions will fade quickly and the nooks and crannies in the cushions fill up with leaves and dirt.  Many say they are washable but if they don’t have removable slip covers, they are a devil to wash and keep clean. They have to be brought in and stored between use, so popping out for a few minutes and enjoying a cup of coffee on a nice morning, may involve dragging a cushion from where it’s been stored.

 Cheap patio sets are often made from wood that won’t stand up to the weather, tubular steel that will rust and bend, or plastic that becomes brittle and fades after a only few months and do beware of the ones with thin plastic strapping for seats – they are the worst, and very uncomfortable.

 The best tip is to take advantage of sales.  Depending on where you live, you may find some awesome cheap patio dining sets at large DIY or department stores on sale in the autumn.  They are so large these stores do not want to warehouse them through the winter.  You will be able to find cheap patio dining sets – that won’t be cheaply constructed, on sale.  You could luck out and got a top of the line, all weather patio set for pennies on the dollar.